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Why We Wear a Face Mask?

Feb. 14, 2021

Coronavirus spreads from person to person, usually when someone comes into contact with the secretions of an infected person. The infectivity of the virus directly affects the transmission route. The transmission route of the current novel coronavirus is not clear, but according to past experience, contact with body fluids splashed from coughing or sneezing of an infected person, or shaking hands with an infected person may cause infection. If you touch something that an infected person has touched with your hand, and then touch your own mouth, nose or eyes, you may also be infected.

Under normal circumstances, there is about 1 liter of liquid in a person’s lungs. Every time you sneeze, your lungs will spray this liquid into a mist like a squeezed mineral water bottle. When outside the body, they will be divided into more than 40,000 small drops, each of which contains a large number of viruses and bacteria. Due to the huge thrust in the body, the speed of these liquids can reach up to 35 meters per second, and the propagation distance can reach 3 to 8 meters.

The reason why SARS in 2003 is so terrible is that it spreads through droplets at a speed that is difficult for people to control. The Southeast Asian flu on Monday will reach South China the next Monday, and it will spread throughout the country next Monday. So be sure to wear a mask! Even if you are in contact with an infected person, wearing a mask can prevent you from directly inhaling the virus in the droplets. Be sure to wash your hands frequently! ! ! Even if the virus is left on your hands, washing your hands can block the virus from entering the body through your hands.

Is There A Difference Between KN95 And N95?

N95 masks are actually respirators. Respirators are a kind of respiratory protective equipment. Compared with ordinary masks, the design fits the face more closely and can filter the particulate matter in the air very effectively. Among them, N means Not resistant to oil, which can be used to protect non-oily suspended particles; 95 means that the filtration efficiency is greater than or equal to 95%, indicating that after careful testing, this respirator can block at least 95% of very small (0.3 Micron level) test particles. In terms of design, if ranked according to the priority of the wearer's own protection capabilities (from high to low): N95 masks>surgical masks>common medical masks>common cotton masks.

If worn correctly, the filtering capacity of N95 is better than ordinary masks and medical masks. However, even if it is worn in full compliance with the requirements, the risk of infection or death cannot be eliminated 100%. KN95 Protective Face Mask is one of the levels specified in the Chinese standard GB2626-2006, and N95 is one of the levels specified in the American standard 42 CFR 84. The technical requirements and test methods of these two levels are basically the same, and the filtration efficiency reaches 95% under the corresponding standards.

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KN95 Protective Face Mask

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