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How to Use the Human Infrared Thermometer?

Oct. 28, 2020

In the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus infection, monitoring points have been set up in crowded traffic gates, hospitals, residential communities, enterprises and institutions, and human infrared thermometers are widely used to screen for fever. It is worth noting that if the method of use is incorrect, errors will occur in the measured data of the infrared thermometer. So, how to use infrared thermometer correctly?

Human infrared thermometer is a photoelectric instrument that measures the infrared radiation of an object (human body surface, ear cavity, etc.) through a detector, and after appropriate correction, outputs a photoelectric instrument that displays the temperature of a certain part of the body. It is mainly divided into three types: infrared forehead thermometer, infrared ear thermometer, and infrared screening instrument. Among them, the infrared screening instrument is mainly used in civil aviation, railways, highways, hospitals and other crowded public places. Infrared forehead thermometers, infrared ear thermometers, etc. are hand-held temperature measuring instruments, which are convenient to use, high in efficiency, and fast. They are suitable for measuring human body temperature in various occasions. The above measuring instruments are all used for rapid measurement of human body temperature. Due to the limitation of the measurement principle, the measurement data cannot be used as medical diagnosis data. Although the human body infrared thermometer is convenient and fast to use, the following matters should be paid attention to during use:

One. Suggestions

1. Read the instructions carefully and operate strictly according to the instructions. Infrared forehead thermometers generally have two modes: "body temperature mode" and "surface temperature mode", and "body temperature mode" should be selected. If you choose "Surface Temperature Mode", it is likely that you will measure a body temperature of 33°C, 34°C or even lower.

2. When using infrared temperature gun China, it should be operated in strict accordance with the operating procedures specified in the product manual. The forehead thermometer should be aligned with the center of the forehead (above the eyebrows and kept vertical), and the measurement distance should be determined (1~5) ) cm is better (according to the instructions). The probe of the ear thermometer should be inserted into the ear canal (with earmuffs), and there should be no hair, sweat, obstructions, etc. at the measurement site. The same operation process should be maintained. Repeat the measurement twice within 1 minute, and the difference between the two measurements should not be greater than 0.3℃, the data is credible.

3. Infrared human body temperature measuring instruments generally require an ambient temperature of (16~35)℃, but our country is now in the severe winter season, the outdoor temperature in some places is below 0℃, and the outdoor environment has strong convection, radiation and temperature fluctuations. Large and other problems, so the measurement data error is large, and the measurement repeatability is poor (multiple measurement results are not consistent). When using it, attention should be paid to the thermal insulation and environmental conditions of the measuring equipment as far as possible to meet the requirements of the measuring equipment.

Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

Two. Related tips

1. The environment of the measurement part has a great influence on the measurement results. For example, when measuring the body temperature of the occupants in the car, due to the large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car, the body temperature of the measurement object will be too high, so try to balance the temperature measurement object In order to reduce the measurement error, attention should be paid to the selection of people who deliberately lower the temperature, such as cold compresses on the temperature measurement part, and measurement errors caused by poor breathing caused by wearing a mask.

2. It is recommended to stop using the infrared forehead thermometer and other anthropometric instruments when the data error is large, the measurement repeatability is poor, and the performance is unstable.

3. Contact anthropometric instruments such as medical electronic thermometers and glass thermometers must be disinfected after use to avoid cross-infection.

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