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How to Use and Clean the Blood Glucose Meter?

Nov. 11, 2020

With the progress of society, the rapid economic growth, and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people suffer from diabetes. Diabetes patients who need to control their condition often need to use a blood glucose meter to monitor blood glucose. But they don't know how to use and clean the blood glucose meter. Now I want to introduce to those who are using it.

1.Steps to Clean the Blood Glucose Meter

The blood glucose meter is only used for blood measurement. Firstly, we do not place it in direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity places, do not drop the machine to the ground and avoid collisions, do not disassemble or repair or modify the body or wristband of the blood pressure monitor by yourself. Then test strips of the same brand must be used together, not mixed. Do not separate test strips and use them within 3 months after opening (note that they are within the validity period). Some blood glucose test strips are different for each batch. You need to enter the bar code number of the new test strip into the instrument before replacing it, otherwise the test result will be affected. And we do not use mobile phones or other devices that produce electromagnetic interference near this product. Please use AAA manganese or alkaline dry batteries (2), do not use other batteries, and do not mix old and new batteries, batteries of different types! Please remove the dry batteries when not in use for a long time (more than 1 month).

 We disinfect with alcohol before the test, and take blood after the alcohol is dry to prevent alcohol from mixing into the blood. Do not use iodine for disinfection, because iodine will chemically react with the test agent on the test paper and affect the accuracy of the test. The patient makes self-judgment based on the measurement results. Self-treatment is very dangerous. Please do not diagnose by yourself or change your medical treatment behavior without the permission of the doctor. The amount of blood collected must be sufficient to completely cover the test strip test area. When taking blood, it is found that the amount of blood is too small to squeeze your fingers, otherwise it will be mixed with tissue fluid and interfere with blood glucose concentration. To ensure sufficient blood volume, you can soak your hands in warm water before hanging down for another 30 seconds. In addition, press the needle once and then eject when piercing, so as not to pierce too shallow. We don't touch the test strip when your hands are wet or dirty. After removing the test paper to be used, please close the lid of the jar immediately and use it within the validity period. Keep the test paper in a dry and dark place. Finally please place the instrument and test strips out of the reach of children. Do not consume the desiccant in the test paper canister.


2.Ways to Clean the Blood Glucose Meter

The blood glucose meter should be placed in a dry and clean place, and can be stored at normal room temperature. Avoid being hit and splashed with water, and keep it away from children and pets. The allowable working temperature of the blood glucose meter is 10-40 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is 20%-80%. Too cold, too hot, and too humid will affect its accuracy. When testing blood sugar, it will inevitably be contaminated by dust, fibers, debris, etc. in the environment. In particular, blood that is accidentally applied to it during testing will affect the test results. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and maintain the machine regularly to remove blood stains and cloth. Chips, dust. When cleaning, use a soft cloth dipped in clean water to wipe. Do not wash with detergent or infiltrate the blood glucose meter, let alone immerse the blood glucose meter in water or rinse it with water to avoid damage. Pay attention to the cleaning of the test area, do not use organic solvents such as alcohol when wiping, so as not to damage its optical parts. Keep the test strip in a dry and cool place. Do not touch the test area of the test strip every time you use it, and pay attention to its expiration date.

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