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Five "Whys" about Infrared Thermometers

Oct. 14, 2020

In the epidemic caused by the new coronavirus, infrared thermometers, like masks, have become indispensable "standard equipment" in almost all situations. How does an infrared temperature gun measure body temperature?



The temperature measuring gun can measure temperature without touching the human body

We know that any object, whether it is a stove or an ice cube, as long as its temperature is higher than absolute zero (about -273°C), it will continuously emit infrared radiation energy into the surrounding space. The size of the infrared radiation energy of an object and its wavelength distribution are closely related to its surface temperature: the higher the temperature of the object, the stronger the infrared radiation energy emitted.

The human body, the "furnace of life", emits infrared radiation with a wavelength of about 10 microns all the time. The infrared thermometer uses an optical system to focus the infrared radiation emitted by the human body onto the infrared detector. The detector converts the collected infrared radiation into an electrical signal. After data processing and correction, the measured human body temperature is finally calculated accurately. And display the output digitally.

Non Contact Infrared Thermometer is different from ordinary mercury thermometers and electronic thermometers. It does not measure the temperature through heat conduction, so it does not need to contact any part of the body. It is not only fast, but also can avoid cross-infection.



The muzzle of the temperature measuring gun points to the forehead or wrist

The infrared thermometer, named for its handheld use, is also called a forehead thermometer. Its professional name is infrared thermometer, infrared thermometer or infrared forehead thermometer. That is to say, it should be aimed at the forehead. It is like when we feel that we have a fever, we first touch our foreheads. The forehead is the place where the temporal artery flows through, and it happens that the skin is very thin, the area is not small, and it is exposed, so this part is the best non-contact observation point for the internal temperature of the human body.

In addition, the wrists, neck and other parts where the blood vessels are not hidden can also be used as body temperature capture points; infrared ear thermometers can also be used to measure the tympanic membrane temperature, but this measurement method is not easy to operate.



Infrared temperature measurement will not have any impact on health

When people see the words infrared and radiation, they think whether it is harmful to the human body. In fact, the "gun" of the infrared temperature measuring gun does not emit any infrared rays, but is only a passive receiver of human infrared rays, which will not have any impact on the human body. The most and strongest infrared rays we usually contact come from the sun. Compared with the sun, the human body, the "small stove", is simply not worth mentioning.

Infrared Temperature Gun China

Infrared Temperature Gun China



The temperature gun really emits light

We have seen that some infrared temperature gun China really emit light. This beam of light that can be seen by us is of course not infrared, it is actually used to help surveyors "aim". Because the infrared thermometer needs to be as perpendicular to the target measurement area as possible, so as to ensure that the collected infrared radiation energy is emitted from the target measurement area. If you are worried about the uneven quality of the temperature measuring gun, try to avoid looking directly at this beam of light.



The body temperature measured by the infrared thermometer is often low

When we use a thermometer to measure temperature, we often find that the displayed temperature is lower than the actual temperature of the human body. This is because exposure of the forehead to a cold outdoor environment will cause heat loss on the body surface, resulting in low readings. Therefore, in winter outdoors, measuring the wrist covered by clothing will be more accurate than measuring the forehead.

There are also cases where the temperature measurement gun reading is too high, such as measuring after drinking or sweating. In addition, the temperature measurement gun is too far away from the target measurement area or under conditions of excessive temperature difference, the reading is not accurate, and it is not as accurate as the traditional mercury thermometer or electronic thermometer.

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